Monday, June 1, 2009

The Simple Woman's Daybook - June 1, 2009

FOR TODAY…June 1, 2009 Outside my window...Cloudy, Wet, and 63 Degrees…June Gloom has rolled in.

I am thinking...about my day. I am facilitating my first meeting in my new role as a project coordinator today. I am pretty excited and nervous. My sweet mother helped me shop for something special to wear today, which makes me feel pretty and confident. Love her!

I am thankful for...our cars. They both keep on kicking.

From the kitchen...those cookies I keep talking about…I made a really yummy cheese cake over the weekend that I was hoping would last a couple of days, but the empty dish leads me to believe that it won’t…hahaha

I am wearing...A new bright blue top, black slacks, black shoes, and a cute matching necklace and earring set that my mom picked out.

I am creating...Something….I just don’t know what yet…This is the first “slow” week I have had in a few months, I think I feel the creative itch coming.

I am Fresh and Easy at lunch today to pick up some pre-made salads for lunch this week.

I am reading... Wives and Daughters, and the Scarlet Pimpernel

I am hoping...That two close family friends find comfort and peace during a terrible health crisis.
I am hearing...lots of Monday Madness….busyness, weekend talk, and coffee brewing.

Around the house...gardening. I would really like to get some new plants in my little plot of earth. The ground will be moist from the drizzle and light rains this weekend. I think it will be good timing.

One of my favorite things...My new cell phone. It has all the bells and whistles, including Internet access to my favorite sites, included

A few plans for the rest of the week: Hanging out with my Mom tonight because our guys have bible study, walking with a friend tomorrow night, meeting with the adoption support team at our church on Wednesday night, Date Night on Friday night, BBQ at our house on Saturday night, Church on Sunday and hopes to see my Mother in Law and In-laws (Especially the babies) on Sunday Afternoon.

Here is picture thought I am sharing...

These are Peonys that I found at the market of all places. I have never seen or had these flowers before.
I am totally taken with them! They soothe my soul! God is so very creative with his blessings!

Special thanks and Blessing to Peggy at The Simple Woman for hosting this blog.

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  1. the peonies are lovely! peonies were my mom-mom's favorite flowers. she planted them at every parsonage they went to, and, when they finally retired and moved around the block from us, she planted them at the front of that little cottage, too. all of my life i remember those big, fluffy blooms -here is something i found on peonies:
    Peony - shyness and beauty -

    The Chinese name for the peony is "sho yu'"; meaning, most beautiful.

    In ancient folklore, the peony was linked to the moon, and believed to have been created by the moon goddess, to reflect the moon's beams during the night.

    During the Middle Ages, "lunatics" were covered with peony leaves and petals, to cure them.
    It was also believed that keeping peony seeds under your pillow, could prevent nightmares.

    It is considered unlucky to uproot the peony, and it's seeds and dried root were once worn as a protective amulet against evil spirits.

    The peony, was named after the Greek god of healing, Paeon.
    ~ The myth, says that Paeon was a student of Asclepius, the god of medicine and healing. Paeon was instructed by Leto (Apollo's mother and the goddess of fertility) to obtain a magical root growing on Mount Olympus that would soothe the pain of women in childbirth. Asclepius became jealous and threatened to kill his pupil. Zeus saved Paeon from Asclepius's wrath, by turning him into the peony flower.