Monday, June 15, 2009

The Simple Woman's Daybook - June 15, 2009

FOR TODAY …June 15, 2009

Outside my window...66 Degrees and Cloudy…I am one of the few people around who is enjoying the June Gloom. I believe this is God’s way of prepping our area for a warm summer. I do hope it helps with any fire danger.

I am thinking...about Father’s day. I am really blessed with a wonderful Dad!
I am thankful for...the guys in my life. I am truly inspired by the circle of God fearing and loving men that I get to call friends.

From the kitchen...Jell-O…it seems to be one of the most perfect summer desserts.

I am wearing...Teal and Black Top, Black Slacks, Black Sandals.

I am creating...a list of homes to look at. We are praying that God will point us in a good direction.

I am the market sometime today. I would really like to go at lunch, but don’t know if that will work out or not.

I am reading...Wives and Daughters

I am hoping...that the pain I am feeling in my leg, chest, and back, is just muscle pain from the work I did around the house this weekend, and nothing more. I really don’t want to see the doctor for nothing.

I am new favorite song “Blessed be your Name” by Travis Cottrell, makes me really want to start playing the piano or guitar again…hmmm I think God might be pulling on my heart strings.

Around the house...lots of “chores” to do. I need to talk to our neighbor about painting our screen, get the car battery out of our patio area (I guess it’s a little ummm… “White trash” for our home owners association), and figure out what to do about our screens with our land lord…other than than…just normal house work.

One of my favorite things...My planner…it keeps my life moving, even when my brain isn’t.
A few plans for the rest of the week: Work, Housework, Planning for the next couple weeks, Working Out using the new EA Active on the Wii (AWESOME Program), taking my Mother in Law for a procedure on Friday, and Father’s Day fun on Sunday.

Here is picture thought I am sharing...

These are three special guys in my life. My husband, his best friend, and one of my best friends.
When we got married our worlds meshed so well, our friends have now become friends.
Its such an amazing blessing in our lives.
Special Thanks and Blessing to Peggy The Simple Woman for hosting this post.


  1. Oh... I liked your appreciation of the "June Gloom" - just what I needed to change my outlook from pouty to blessed.
    Thank you!

    I'm inviting the women who are continuing their daybooks throughout the summer to come over to my place and add their link. I'm hoping to make it easier for us to visit on Mondays.

    Please stop by and add your link.

  2. Hi, Bri!
    This is my first time visiting your Daybook. You do sound very blessed.

    I don't mind 'June gloom' either. Sometimes, in the Pacific Northwest, it rains the entire month of June. Not this year, though!