Tuesday, June 9, 2009

Tuesday's Tribute - June 9, 2009

Tuesday's Tribute

Two may talk together

under the same roof for many years,

yet never really meet,

and two others at first speech

are old friends.

~author unknown

I have the honor of calling Mrs. Wilson a friend.

I have been blessed by the opportunity to dance in the glitter of her laughter and joy!

I have learned so very much from her tangled past and metamorphosis into a woman of comfort and peace.

She has wonderful strength, passion, and a great love for the people in her life.

She is dying. Thinking those words…burns my heart, knowing that she doesn’t know my Savior...breaks it.

I fall to my knees in great reverence of Almighty God, praying that he bangs on the heart of this sweet woman, so that she may find salvation and enter his Gates.

I selfishly admit that I don’t want to spend eternity without her sparkle!


  1. What a difficult thing to see a friend go through. Keep praying, you never know what God can do.

  2. Those words are so sweet. I love how you've described her.

    I had someone in my life very much the same although in my case she was my "spiritual mother." She has passed. When she was very sick and we both knew she was at the end she would always pray over me and as we parted she would say, "I'll see you here or I'll see you there."

    I asked her once, how do you feel about dying and she responded, "He'll be there." That's all she needed to say. We both understood. The conversation and emotions were quite raw. I never stopped growing when I was around her.

    I hope you won't stop praying for your dear friend.