Monday, July 28, 2014

Behind the Shutter Vol. 1, Issue 4

July 21 - Bat Dog
Opie is part Yorkie part bat, or at least when he is in the bathtub! We have been dealing with crazy fleas which leads us to more bath time fun for the boys. Doesn't he look happy?

July 22 - Afternoon Snack
Laffy Taffy could be one of my favorite sweet treats, next to cotton candy of course!  I have been known to eat as many of these as i can get my hand on in one sitting!

July 23 - My Nap Partner
I continued to recover from the Kidney stone blues. Opie is a great nap partner, and nurse maid. He never really leaves my side.

July 24 - Light Bulb Shopping
As we continue to refresh and update our home we are both very comfortable with Home Depot! Especially in the light bulb isle. We have tried more light bulb types than I ever could imagine. We were finally able to find the right look and price point for most of the bulbs that needed replacing, as well as others that didn't.  I really enjoy a warm light to add a bit of ambiance to our home, very similar to lighting candles regularly! I am so very thankful for Ryan and his patience on this journey.

July 25 - The Duck Days of Summer
My Mom got Diesel this little duck toy, actually she intended it for Opie. Opie in all of his Yorkie glory is much too mature for dog toys! Diesel has commandeered the duck and has not let it very far from his sight. Silly Puppies

July 26 - Hope is an Anchor for the Soul
This is my newest tattoo. I love Anchors, I love the things they represent.  Hebrews 6:19 says Our Hope in Jesus is an Anchor for the soul!

July 27 - Cherry Turnovers
We completed lots of work, and were so very thankful that my parents were able to bring there giant ladder over so we could hang a new ceiling fixture in the stairwell! We finished the evening with amazing Cherry Turnovers. They were delicious! 

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