Thursday, July 24, 2014

Summer Reading 2014 – Book Review - The Second Empress

Michelle Moran has taken my summer reading by storm. The Second Empress is the 4th Book of hers that I have finished in the last couple months. I have thoroughly enjoyed using the Kindle app on my devices mixed with the Whisper Sync feature from to help me get through books at a faster pace. I also find that it makes my commute so much more enjoyable.  I highly recommend Cleopatras Daughter Nefertiti , and The Heretic Queen as well. The last of her books currently available, Madame Tussaud is on my list of books to round out the summer. 

I discovered Michele Moran from a friend posting amazing pictures of her days spent on a local beach, working on her tan and her love affair with Egyptian Culture and History.  The book covers caught my eye, and captured me from the first few chapters.  I have had opportunities to learn about the Egyptian Culture and all of its jeweled mysteries, and continue to have a curiosity about it all. Not to mention my  affection for monster flicks like The Mummy!  This author’s mix of historical fact and fiction is a wonderful way to feed my inquisitiveness.  Her next release in March of 2015, Rebel Queen takes place in India, another culture that I find fascinating.  I will be waiting with much anticipation to open my mind to the adventures in this tale.

On to the Review:

The Second Empress is the story of Marie Louise of Austria and her marriage to Napoleon the Emperor of France in the 1700’s. The great niece of Marie Antoinette, Marie Louise was chosen by the Emperor to replace the infamous Josephine as his wife. The details of the heart break, political discontent, and social norms were captivating.  I found myself empathetic to many of the characters, and found a strange juxtaposition when attempting to identify a protagonist and antagonist among the personalities.  I enjoyed the references to the Egyptian Courts that I had read so much about in her previous books, as well as the role that pets, especially dogs played in the French Court.  I am partial to those Puppies! As you finish the book, there are closing chapters that explore the historical/factual information that the author used to validate pieces of the fiction. I have learned to appreciate the honesty found in what she chooses to use, change, or leave out; exposing these decisions helps to wrap up the story.

Over all this was a wonderful story, leaving me wanting to learn more about the French Court and the families who ruled!  Its good stuff! 

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