Tuesday, July 1, 2014

Sparks will Fly 4th of July BBQ Planner

We are planning a 4th of July BBQ on Friday. 

After the recent weeks of fun plans as well as working hard at our day jobs as well as our house refresh projects, I created a planner to keep my thoughts and planning organized for our event. 
I thought I would share this planner in the hopes that it would help some one else stay organized this Summer Holiday! 

Planning an Event I start out with a few favorite questions: 

Who: Who are we inviting? Who is attending?

What: What kind of event? What is the Schedule of the Event? What are we Eating? What Activities? 

Where: Where will the event be held?

When: What date is the event? What time is the Event?

Why: Why are we having this event?

Do you feel like you are back in Junior High? Those 5 W's add such simplicity to organizing thoughts.

Links to Recipe's for our BBQ: 

Once I have the basic's identified I document the list of tasks that need to be accomplished to get us to  a super successful event!  This is a look of the Week prior to our BBQ. The list of tasks is a living document that changes as plans change. Like when your Carpet installer gets the date wrong and you have to move everything up a day in preparation. Included in the list are any daily to-do's or plans from our calendar that would impact the time available for us to prepare, like work or race car driving.

Finally I make my shopping list. Starting with the activities planned to the menu, I walk each planned item for what needs to purchased, and where to purchased at.  

I print the Planner pages out and keep them on my favorite clip board (Yeah its pink and monogrammed). Ryan and I review the list and distribute the tasks until we get everything completed. 

Wishing you a wonderful 4th of July full of Yummy BBQ and Lots of Sparklers!!! Thanks for stopping by!

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