Friday, April 10, 2009

Good Friday Thoughts...

It happens every year.

With great reverence we take a day and ponder the meaning of our Savior's death.

There wasn't any stage make up, there were no actors, there were no stage props.

There wasn't a Judge Judy or a Dr. House to change the fate of God walking the earth as man.

Jesus knew his role in History, he knew the pain, he knew the fear, he knew the truth that would be revealed with his final breath.

What role do you play in the History of Christianity. Can you hear the whispers over the winds of generations of the chosen few who were touched by him, healed by him, used by him for the future of his kingdom?

Can you hear the thoughts of Judas Iscariot, who with a simple kiss betrayed the son of God.

Can you hear Caiaphas the high priest and the Sanhedrin as they debated with great passion and human bureaucracy over the legitimacy of the Anointed One.

And oh...Sweet Tragic Peter, how his courage and conviction fail him. Can you hear his heart crying in disappointment, in human failure?

The scene changes and we move to Pilate, King Herod, and Barabbas. Two men with great power knew that Justice was not defined by punishing the innocent, and a murderer who was given freedom in a moment of great chaos. Can you feel the water on Pilate's hands as he washes himself clean of the crowds decision. Listen as the ropes are cut and Barabbas is allowed to return to freedom.

Can you smell the dusty road, as we find a whipped and beaten Jesus carrying a cross. His torn flesh, his aching muscles, his tortured heart. Can you feel the weight being lifted as Simon of Cyrene takes his cross and joins Christ on the journey to the salvation of our World?

Can you see the tears and turmoil of those closest to the King of Kings. His Mother who loved him from his first breath. Can you feel the heart of Mary Magdalene change as she comes to the realization that her relationship with her savior would never be the same. Do you think she could grasp the meaning of eternity?

And what of the Centurion, and the most famous "Ah Ha" Moment in the history of mankind. Can you hear the truth in his words "Truly this was God's Son!".

Its the beginning of the play for our Salvation. With our eyes and ears open we continue to feel the pain of our dying Lord. With great despair and guilt we hear his cries "Father, they do not know what they do". With great hope for an Eternity spent walking with our Creator, we understand the true significance of his final words... "It is Finished".

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  1. What a wonderful post...and how true. I hope you have a very Happy Easter! God bless,