Friday, April 3, 2009

He DID it!! No....HE DID IT!!!

With great excitement I am excited to share that my husband got the job he interviewed for a few weeks ago.
We took a moment last night and reflected on God's Faithfulness in our lives. We know that this is only an option because he opened the door for Ryan to walk thru.
Ryan is excited, but filled with anticipation as he starts to organize the details and looks to a new unknown chapter in his career life.
I continue to pray that God will protect my sweet husband from the wounds of this economy, and the hills and valleys of corporate America.
More than anything I am excited because this may line us up financially for me to stay home and be a house wife and mother when that time comes.
God is so GOOD!

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  1. Congrats Bri!!! I am super happy for you and your husband! How exciting.... I know you really want to stay home and start a family and now maybe it will happen sooner than you were hoping for.