Monday, April 13, 2009

The Simple Woman's Daybook - April 13, 2009

FOR TODAY... April 13, 2009
Outside my window...Partly Cloudy 54 Degrees

I am thinking...About my Brother and Sister in Law in Tennessee. They moved to TN from California 2 years ago for a great job opportunity for my brother in law. They just happen to live in the town that was hit with Tornados last week. They expect another round of storms today. I pray that God keeps them safe. Tornados vs. Earthquakes….hmmm…

I am thankful for...THE TOMB IS EMPTY!!!

From the kitchen... I am working on my menu plan for this week. I am working diligently on my weight, so we have some changes to make. Visit me here for the Journey… A Caterpillar Dreams

I am wearing... Blue & Black Top, Black Slacks, Black Shoes

I am creating... Still working on another Snuggle Sack for Diesel.

I am the Market tonight to get our groceries for the week.

I am reading... The Excellent Wife by Martha Peace (Its actually an audio book on my Ipod….does that count as reading...LOL) I have 3 books going at home, and two audio books….it kind of feels like I am working on my degree again!

I am be a good helper to my husband this week. He starts his new job next week and he is starting to get a little nervous about it. I pray that God gives me the right words and the right works to help him move forward in confidence and assurance.

I am hearing... Praise songs from Sundays Service, singing silently in my head and heart. Trust me…no one wants to hear them from my lips….I make a wonderful JOYFUL NOISE!!

Around the house...Housework, Playing with Puppies, We got a new comforter set for our bedroom. I think it’s a perfect reason to spring clean and get things back in order.

One of my favorite things... My Wedding Ring. It’s a constant reminder of the good stuff! When I am in the middle of all of the mud and muck of life, it catches my eye and reminds me of God’s wonderful plan in my life, and the Man he made just for me! OH TO BE SO LOVED!!

A few plans for the rest of the week: Work, My niece is singing/playing guitar at a local coffee shop on Thursday or Friday. The Long Beach Aquarium is open for free on Friday nights due to its new Shark Exhibit; I would really like to go visit that. A friend of ours is having a get together to watch a UFC match on Saturday night, I always look forward to hanging with the boys and feel like a lucky girl to be included in the madness. Sunday we have church and a picnic for our “Open Arms” program. The “Open Arms” program is our churches ministry to Orphans. God has placed the call to adopt on Ryan and my hearts! We hope to learn more information on the program and see what our next steps are.

Here is picture thought I am sharing...
This is my Dad with his "Grand Dogs" trying to keep them out of trouble as we finish dyeing Easter Eggs.
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  1. I really enjoyed reading your daybook...I hope your brother and sister-in-law were o.k. during the storms. Have a nice week! BTW, your menu for this week sounds great!

  2. Oh... your daddy is handsome! Love the pups too!

    Bri, keep us up to date on the Open Arms program if you don't mind. That sounds wonderful.

    Also, keep up the good work on your catepillar journey! I just went to that blog and will be following it. I will pray for your success! (But I think your goal is too much! That's too thin!!!) :o