Thursday, April 2, 2009

Thankful Thursday- April 2, 2009

These last couple of weeks have been so very busy. With our trip to Vegas

My Favoriate Part of our Trip

The reason we went Shaun and Kristine got married!

Going Out!

The Vegas Skyline

and my Husband’s “Birthday Weekend” (got to love the fact that he wanted to spend all weekend celebrating it at dinners with our family and friends to the Billy Joel and Elton John Concert on Monday night)

Jerry's Deli in Costa Mesa

Is this what 31 looks like?

AMAZING Concert!!

my head has been spinning. Stopping to write a few words has been almost unattainable…I sit here feeling impossibly exhausted, a little “spicy” (aka…annoyed, impatient, screaming crazy woman), and wishing for a few more hours of my day.

That’s when I hear it…the soft bubble, pop, and whoosh of the best present I have ever given him…His new aquarium. There is something almost coma inducing about this little piece of water paradise. We affectionately call it the “Schaaf Family Robinson”, although a silly friend has named it “Mount Wannachuckaloogie”.

I am so thankful for our jobs that allow us the financial ability to have such silly things to bring us joy. I feel so blessed to have a God who gives us such beautiful creatures to add great peace to our lives and home. And I am truly grateful for a husband who shares a great passion of mine. I love all things ocean; I really should have been a fish. I felt sheer delight when he mentioned that he thought he might like an aquarium a few months ago. We decided to start with a fresh water tank, and hope to move on to a saltwater tank at some point. I wait with a bit of anticipation to see how long it will take before I end up being the one to clean up the tank.

Watching Ryan and Diesel enjoy the view was truly a serene moment, which makes it all worth it!

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  1. Awesome pictures, bless you.

  2. Wow loved your pictures. Thanks for sharing with us on Thankful Thursday! -Laurie