Tuesday, April 28, 2009

Tuesday Treasure - April 28, 2009

Special thanks and blessings to Treasia at Truckers Wife for hosting this wonderful post.
Her idea was to share a bit about people or things we hold as treasure in our lives.

Today I hold pieces of a hearing aid in my hand, and I hold these little pieces of circuit and metal as treasure in my heart. My husband is hearing impaired. Although he has a bit of hearing left in one ear, without the aid of this little instrument…he is almost 100% deaf.
Since the moment I met this man I knew that God had created him for me. I felt it in my bones. Most of it was because of the way he loved me, the way he knew me, the way he calmed my soul. But there was another difference, my ability to deal with his disability. I have often found myself waking up in the morning praying that I can be his ears, to listen with patience and kindness, and communicate with great care in return. Unfortunately I can’t always be with him, and this truth is not always easy to cope with, especially when you find pieces of his hearing aid in the mouth of your Dogs.

This morning quickly went from Beautiful to Madness. With great relief his back up hearing aid works, but not to the extent of his newer and better one. The only thing I know to do is pray that God will see us through and provide for us. As God’s Grace would have it, Ryan’s audiologist is my Cousin. It’s going to be a long couple of days before he can fit him in on Friday to get a new impression made for a new hearing aid.

Treasures can be so handy. They can add so much to your life, that sometimes…you only realize their worth when they are gone. Anyone got a Bullhorn??

This is a picture of Ryan on our way in to watch our First Angel Game at Angels Stadium of the Season last Friday night!


  1. Oh . . . BAD DOG! Ug. I've known lots of BTEs to get flushed, but chew toy for the dogs I haven't encountered.

    Gotta love ASL!

  2. Thanks so much for taking part in the Tuesday Treasure post and I will watch for more of your posts. How touching this one is and what a special bond the two of you have. I so enjoyed reading about your treasure.

  3. A Deaf Child's Prayer

    Do the angels sing in Heaven, Lord?
    Will I hear music there?
    Or must I stand in a corner
    While others join in prayer?
    While I wonder what they're saying Lord,
    As oft I do down here?
    Must I sit in lonely stillness
    While the bells ring loud and clear?
    Can I read your lips in Heaven,
    Lord Will I be brushed aside,
    And stick my hands in pockets
    Because of wounded pride?
    Will all the saints there praise thee,
    While I in silence wait?
    Will some one up in Heaven
    Help me through the gate?

    Then God, who loves the humble,
    Whispered in the poor deaf ear
    My child, has no one told you,
    There is no silence here.
    Hold out your hands, my little one,
    For Heaven all to see.
    We've heard them pray so many times,
    Each prayer reached up to Me.
    See, all the angels waiting.
    The gates are open wide.
    Your crown of life awaits you,
    And I shall be your guide.
    I have a song to give you,
    You'll sing both loud and clear.
    And the song you sing, my dear one,
    Will be the sweetest song up here.

    by: Doris Isbell (McDonald) Crowe

    Angel Blessings to you and Ryan (and especially the puppies!) {{HUGS}}