Saturday, September 17, 2011

Date Night - Camp at Home

Date Night is always something I look forward too. I try to plan one every week, but sometimes we trade our time together for time with friends and family. Its a balance type of thing.  This week I planned a date night with a Camp Theme.

We started the night with home cooked goodness...
I grilled some steaks on the BBQ, made a Mashed Potato Dish, some Corn and Rolls.  All of his favorites!!!

I then asked him sweetly to take a hike so I could set up Camp Schaaf!
Complete with
Portable sleeping arrangements in the Living room

And an indoor "campfire" complete with tent light

and Smores!!

And we were visited by our friendly furry ghost!!!

We had two choices for Camp Fire "Stories"

Something Scary...

and something affectionately known as a "Chick Flick"

We had a great time making smores all by flash light

Which all ended with a Happy Husband!!!

Sometimes its fun to just spend some time doing something a little Silly in and Ordinary Place...that turns into and Extraordinary Evening!

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