Sunday, September 11, 2011

These are the Days of our Lives - Summer Plans - Updated

Well the last day of Summer September 23 is right around the corner. I had some plans for my summer, I love Summer its Warm, its Wild, its Wonderful! Here in California it looks like we might have a very summery fall!

My Plans for summer were:

Around the House:

1. Organize Laundry Area - Not even started yet...grrrr

2. Clean Carpets Done

3. Get new Dryer -Still got old faithful, need to start shopping around.

Personal Stuff:

1. Do something active and outside during the weekend. We did alot this Summer, and were pretty active good stuff!

2. Work on Design for Blog - In progress

3. Learn more about my Camera/Photography Done - 30 Day Summer Photography Challenge was Awesome!!

4. Work on Needlepoint Projects - Especially Christmas Gift Ideas - Another not-started to get on this.

5. Make New Fleece Blankets - I have the fleece!! Woo Whoo 1/2 Way there!!

Family Fun:

1. Date Night with the Hubby on Friday Nights We went on date nights and we spent time with family and friends.

2. Sunday Dinners with Family and Friends Did this a couple times, need to work ont his for the fall.

3. Make Homemade Ice Cream - Still no Homemade Ice Cream! I know whats on the menu for this weekend!!

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