Friday, July 27, 2012

Friday's Letters 7/27/12

Dear LL Bean, We love our Jackets for Alaska! I can’t believe that tomorrow will be the start of our two week countdown to fly to Seattle for the start of our Trip!!

Dear Adoption Paperwork, I’m trying to avoid paper cuts this time around. Nothing like signing our lives away for a sweet child!! Praying for God’s quick work as we continue on this journey!

Dear Macy Girl, Thank you for joining us on a trip to Home Depot while we were watching you for Mom and Dad! It’s so nice to have another girl at my house! You’re such a great Pup!

Papa Bear, Thank you for being such a strong man, who knows how to pop champagne bottles….Bubbly is my favorite thing to drink these days…and you make that possible!

Sonic Burger, Please train your employees to tell your customers NO, when ordering Carmel Milk Shakes…Im addicted…It’s a problem.

Dear VanBuren Drive In, I can’t wait to come spend some time with you tonight on our double date with some sweet friends. What a great double feature…Batman and Spiderman!!  Super Excited!! Bring on the Hotdogs and Candy and Sticky Soda!!


  1. Have an amazing trip and you have to try the little pizza shop at SeaTac! they do fresh stone oven pizzas which make traveling a little nicer :)

  2. Alaska - wow! Have a GREAT trip. and Best Wishes on your adoption! :)

  3. Wow, such sweet letters! Good luck with your adoption! I can't wait to follow along and read more :)