Friday, July 20, 2012

Friday's Letters7/20/12

Friday's Letters 7/20/12

Dear Child Protective Services and the Orange County Adoption Agency, thank you for providing an excellent training program for your families who want to adopt. We were filled with anxiety over the classes we are taking and you have made them a great use of our time!

Dear OC Fair, Thank you for all of your yummy treats!! Next Time I will make sure to take some Pepto before eating your Yummy Goodness…Or at least add some protein to the mix. French Fries, Cotton Candy, Little Perfect Fried Doughnuts OH MY!!

Dear OC Fair Carnival Employees, YOU SUCK!!!Enough Said…

Dear Hubby, Thank you for cooking such a yummy dinner!! You really made my evening. It was so nice coming home to something hot and delicious to eat!

Dear Amazon and my new camera Lens, I am so thankful for such a great shopping experience, for a new lens for our upcoming Alaska Trip (Which is 23 Days away), and the finances to be able to afford it at this time! Feeling totally Blessed!!
Dear Sweet Baby Conner, I can’t wait to spend some time with you on Sunday and Photograph you in these first couple weeks of life!!


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