Friday, February 28, 2014

Things I've Learned in February

I am joining in with Emily Freeman for Lets share what we've learned February. 

1. I’ve learned 5 chords, and something called a Power Cord in the three weeks since Guitar Class started! I have also learned that my fingers although a small part of my body can create great pain when practicing or playing for that matter. 
I have also had to acknowledge that as many times as I went to battle with my Dad on music theory and understanding during my growing up years, he really does have an amazing grasp on it! However, it’s a little uncomfortable for me to be stuck between his version of a C cord and my Guitar Instructors version.  How many fingers and strings does it take to make a C cord??….This girl may never know.

I am looking forward to playing my first praise song soon! 

2. I found a new way to interact with books and a new Author that I enjoy. I just love  I have a pretty insane reading plan going on, and just when I was set with what I wanted to read for the next few months, I find more books that capture my mind….Shiny Object Syndrome you all! BIRD! Being able to listen to books in the car when I am driving around on my own, allows me to totally multitask my reading!

Recently I came across Linda Lafferty’s The Bloodletter's Daughter, thanks to Amazon and their wonderful “I think you should read” emails. I just love how the epic Amazon cloud knows me so well! This piece of historic fiction captured me mind, body and soul. The story of the Hapsburg Court in Prague in the 1600’s was a whole new world to me, and I dove in. A bastard Prince, a beautiful young girl, a blood-letter, a coded book of wonder, and obsession and tragedy who wouldn't enjoy spending a few hours in the world Lafferty creates.
After recovering from the final chapters of The Bloodletter’s Daugher, I found myself wishing for more stories of her’s to read, so I started The House of Bathory this week. I am finding that this tale crossing centuries and miles has again captured my imagination.

3. I learned that Girl Scout Cookies are of the Devil. This isn't the first time I've learned this, I am glad to have multiple opportunities’ to let it stick.  I don’t know what more to say about that

4. I learned from Ryan that President Obama is trying to protect a two inch fish, or well a whole endangered species of them. This is how Ryan finds ways to make Politics Interesting. Just add some sea creatures to the mix and I am all ears! I don’t quite know how to feel about this. I was raised with an environment interest especially around sea creatures. I am really very taken with just about anything that lives in the ocean.  But I wonder how things like this make it across our President’s desk.  Especially when there are so many other environmental and life changing issues to be sorted out. 


5. I learned that with enough rain our pool will overflow… Thanks to the Storm of the year hitting Southern California right now! I also learned that my mother in law is a very patient woman, despite her daughter in laws silly questions. I'm a pretty lucky girl!


  1. Oh the Girl Scouts, those tiny temptresses. :/ I'm with ya. They're very persistent/pushy, and Thin Mints. OH... I hope you enjoy guitar lessons. I always give up right around the time I've finally built perfect callouses. (Stopping by from Chatting at the Sky!)

  2. So fun to find you next to me over at Emily's!! I live in Southern CA too and enjoyed the rain. Our pool also got super full!! Ahhh, where to begin?? I have wanted to learn the guitar for so long. My husband plays and my 9 year-old son is just learning. The little I do know, I can relate...fingers get sore, and a C chord IS hard! And girl scout cookies?? Yes, so dangerous. I bought some of the lemon ones, and wow, SO hard to resist! Have a wonderful week!!