Tuesday, February 4, 2014

Advocare 24 Day Challenge - Day 2 Review

Day 2
Fasting Blood Sugar: 251

Fiber Drink –The Cardboard-Sawdust-Lysol shot continues.  I found myself imagining it to be a top shelf shot of Vodka. Still doesn’t make it go down any easier! Ha!

Breakfast – Advocare Meal Replacement and 1 Omega Plex! The berry flavor and shake is really growing on me.  

AM Snack –Banana and Peanut Butter – Amazing Snack!!  

Lunch – Chicken, Asparagus, and Brown Rice – In my mind, it tastes a lot like fried rice, which I love. I find that the Brown Rice really helps my emotional need to eat carbs.

PM Snack – Apple and Peanut Butter – This is Nectar of the Gods Yummy!!!

Spark Drink – More Fruit Punch Spark Drink, I really enjoy how it takes the edge off the tired I am feeling!

Dinner-I had bible study tonight so I met my parents at El Pollo Loco. I had a chicken breast (Removing the skin) and steamed Broccoli and 1 Omega Plex.

Herbal Cleanse Pack – More of the Magic Pills.

Water, Water, Water – I was 12 ounces away for a Gallon today. I’ve noticed that I get thirsty more often and that water is really refreshing!

My prayer request at Bible Study was about the 24 challenge, for endurance and diligence.

Over all day 2 was okay! Again I never felt really hungry, but I was never really satisfied emotionally with what I was eating.  I have a really awful craving for French Fries from this place called Omega Burger. I don’t know if it was a craving for French Fries or their Ranch Dressing.  The self-talk in my head was pretty awful, I am glad that I won the battle!  Ryan is also so supportive. He is eating on the plan as well, as he doesn't want me to cook anything that I can’t eat! 

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